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We will now map this monument using an array of technologies that will allow us to view this new discovery, and the landscape around it, in three dimensions.This marks a new departure for archaeologists and how they investigate the past."Martin Papworth, of the National Trust, said: “The Hidden Landscapes project is providing cutting edge archaeological survey work that will greatly enhance understanding and improve conservation management for the National Trust on its Stonehenge Estate.”Dr Christopher Gaffney, of the University of Bradford, comments: “The strategy that we are implementing within this project has provided a first glimpse of new and important information regarding the hidden past at Stonehenge.Contrary to press reports, Stonehenge was not a huge art gallery - these carvings are found only on four stones.The scanning has also revealed incredible detail on how the stones were shaped.European partners include teams from Austria, Germany, Norway and Sweden.Professor Gaffney, who this week won the Best Archaeological Book prize at the prestigious British Archaeological Awards for Europe’s Lost World: The Rediscovery of Doggerland, added: “Stonehenge is one of the most studied monuments on Earth but this demonstrates that there is still much more to be found.”Professor Wolfgang Neubauer, Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, adds: "This is just the beginning.Only the northeast quadrant of the circle, and a small past of its west side, were excavated.

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The study, just published online by English Heritage and free to download, also provides information on how much damage has been caused by souvenir hunters chipping off bits of stone, or by visitors carving graffiti - including Sir Christopher Wren, the architect of 17th century London!Its location, a short distance from Stonehenge, and the fact that the two monuments were inter-visible, raises exciting new questions about the complex sacred landscape that existed around Stonehenge when the sarsen and bluestone monument was constructed.”In 2009 a major new discovery was made by the Stonehenge Riverside Project in the Stonehenge landscape.Evidence for a second stone circle was found close to the River Avon, linked to Stonehenge itself by the Stonehenge Avenue.The circle is just under 10m in diameter and was surrounded by a henge – a ditch with an external bank – with an entrance to the east.The henge ditch is 25m in diameter and sits at the end of the 1¾-mile avenue that leads from Stonehenge to the river.

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